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I know this is very short notice, but I will be going on vacation on Sunday for approximately two weeks (i dont know my exact return date yet). I will have access to my phone but I wont have my computer to post confessions, so I will be needing a co-owner only for the time I am away. The co owner must be able to post atleast 5 confessions every other day, but every day is preferable. 

Rules to apply:

  • You must have knowledge on VS and the models, obviously.
  • You must have a tumblr blog.
  • You must be a nice, kind person who is willing to help answer questions to the best of your ability.
  • The confessions that you make must look as similar to the ones I make as possible. The watermark font is “Optimus Princeps”, you can download here if necessary. The watermark should be placed in a corner where it can be seen. The other font is Segoe UI Light. The box behind the text must be white, and a little transparent. Pictures must be relevant to the confession.
  • I use Photoscape to make my confessions but as long as you follow the rule above, you can use any program you want. Photoscape is free to download here, I use the “editor” function to add text and the watermark, and the “Page” function to make a collage if necessary. 
  • You must be willing to, just in case it happens, post for a longer time if needed. 

What to include in your application:

  1. Why are you interesting in temporarily running this blog?
  2. How much knowledge, on a scale from 1-10 would you say you have on VS?
  3. How often will you be able to post on this blog?
  4. 3 practice confessions, I want to see how you can make the confessions.

The 3 practice confessions:

  1. Perfect angel lineup: Adriana, Miranda, Sara, Rosie, Barbara, and Jourdan.
  2. Lais is so extremely beautiful, I would love to see her as the next angel!
  3. VS should make their holiday commercial this year similar to the 2008 one. That one took my breath away! 

Where to apply:

  • Send me your application through my submit box 
  •  You can also send me your application at Tell me a little about your self (tumbr blog, age, country), answer the questions, and attach the practice confessions.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to send me a mesage and if the ask is disabled you can use fan mail.

I will decide the winner Saturday morning. If you are chosen, I will message you on tumblr, and once you reply I will add you to the blog with the email that you sent your application with. Please keep a look out on your inbox because if you dont reply by Saturday night, I will have to choose someone else. I want to make it very clear that after my vacation, I wont be needing a co- owner anymore!